Our Mission is to:

Serve the Needy,
Identify the root causes of their sufferings, and
Endeavour to lead them towards self-sufficiency.

In India about 10 crore live in slums. Most of them are economic migrants from deprived rural areas in search of a better livelihood. In Vadodara, the third largest city in Western India’s Gujarat state, out of total population of 18 lakh, around 3.6 lakh live in 336 slum pockets.

Most people in these areas are deprived of an affordable quality education and basic healthcare due to various economic and social reasons. Koshish-Milap Trust helps such needy people in Vadodara by providing them quality primary education and access to basic healthcare against a token payment.

Many NGOs in India are doing wonderful work to reduce suffering of the needy population. We believe that long term solution to these sufferings lie in addressing to their root causes rather than attending to the symptoms. It is imperative to take up the task of improving existing system that has led to this situation. For this ambitious task, we need to create a synergy amongst NGOs. As a first step, we are creating a Knowledge Sharing Platform for the NGOs in India.

Our inspirations are:

“Ignorance, inequality, and desire are the three causes of human misery.” – Swami Vivekananda
“The major fault lies in the system and not in the person.” – Gandhiji
“United Truth wins.” – Manubhai Pancholi


Koshish-Milap focuses on three principle goals:
1.To provide an educational support to the elementary school going children of slums in Vadodara.
2.To provide affordable quality health care to the slum population in Vadodara.
3.To create a knowledge sharing platform for the Indian NGOs.


After multiple meetings with various slum communities, we selected Muj Mahuda slum in Vadodara. The community is co-operative and there is a dire need of primary health and education in the area. There was no qualified doctor in this slum. We found that many students of grade seven ‘passed’ are unable to read simple sentences in Gujarati. The work by Koshish-Milap Trust was initiated on August 15, 2010.

Education support to slum population

This support is given by providing the supplementary formal education to the primary school going children. Our goal is to make the children competitive and independent thinkers, and to reduce the school dropout. For this we provide basic teaching resources, emphasize on individual needs and develop curriculum to address local needs.

Healthcare for slum population

Our goal is to provide affordable quality healthcare by dispensing generic quality medicines, emphasizing the preventive measures, and arranging healthcare camp to screen common prevailing diseases.

Knowledge Sharing Platform for NGOs

There are about 33 lakh non-profit organizations in India. However, their work is fragmented. Our goal is to create a platform for sharing their experiences. To achieve this, we have launched a separate website (www.novoi.org) to compile the data-base of Indian NGOs and funding agencies, develop online e-library of the published literature for NGOs, and facilitate an exchange of experiences through electronic journal, meetings, training, and central resource facility.

All website photos by Krishna Luhar